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Application Instructions

Accessing Online Applications

In order to access our Online Applications, you must register with our site or log in using your existing username.

Application Requirements

  1. In order to effectively use the Online Applications, you need to have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox. Both of these programs can be downloaded for free.:
  2. You must have cookies enabled on your browser. Instructions on enabling cookies.

  3. You must have javascript enabled on your browser. Instructions on enabling javascript.

Application Tips

  1. We recommend you type directly into the application form.
  2. We suggest that you print off completed applications before submitting them into the system. This will ensure that you have a copy of the application in case you encounter any problems.
  3. To check the status of your application, log in. Once you have logged in, the scholarship should be in your "Briefcase" area. If the application is not in your "Briefcase", then it has not been saved or submitted. If it is in your "Briefcase" area, then it will have one of the following icons next to it:

    = Application has been submitted successfully
    = Application has been saved successfully, but not submitted
    = Application has not been saved or submitted
    = Only static application is available; print only

    Scholarships without any icons next to them either do not have an application available or the deadline for submitting an application has passed.

Free Downloads for Online Applications