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Create Your Own Scholarship Listings & Add These Listings to Your School’s Website

College Toolkit allows you to create and manage a school-specific listing of scholarships. We make it easy for you to both pull scholarships from our database and add your own listings as well. Not only do we include your school-specific listings in our Search by High School, but we provide copy-and-paste code for you to easily incorporate these listings into your school’s own website.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a My High School page and adding it to your school’s website:

  1. Register as a counselor / Log back in

  2. Add scholarship listings to your My High School page. There are 2 ways to add scholarships:

    1. Pull from the College Toolkit database
      Use any of our scholarship searches to locate scholarship awards that may be of interest to your students. Then, click on the Add to My High School page button at the bottom of the award listing.

    2. Add your own school-specific listings
      Add your own listings to the My High School page. We provide an easy way for you to add and update these listings through our site. No technical knowledge required.

  3. Provide up to 5 tips for your students via the My High School page.

  4. You can add the My High School page to your own website by copying and pasting a snippet of our code into your own page. You will have access to this option from your Counselor Toolkit. Once you have incorporated the code, you are all set. Any time you come back and add or update listings on your My High School page, these changes will automatically be reflected on your site as well.

So why wait? Get started on creating your own customized My High School page.